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Gardening Tips and Hints

~~JUNE Checklist

Its that time of year were its all hands on deck in preparation of getting the best out of your garden in the coming spring/summer months.

• Time to feed your lawns and treat lawns for moss

• Planting time for new fruit trees, citrus, roses etc

• Prune deciduous fruit trees.  Cut 1/3 – 1/5 off existing tree and any prune out any branchs that are crossing in the middle of the plant.

• Spray to clean up your trees with Lime Sulphur following with Copper and Conqueror Oil 3-4 weeks later to protect them pest and diseases.

• Prune existing roses later in June/July any earlier and they could burst into life and ‘Mr Frost’ will catch them out on the new life pruning brings the roses.

• Great time of the year to shift poorly sited trees, shrubs, perennials and roses but remember leave a decent amount of soil around roots when transplanting to avoid stress.

• Indoor plants require less watering as the weather cools down so avoid over watering over the winter months.

• June brings the shortest day of the year so planting garlic is a good omen for the coming year traditionally.